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All training and meetings can be on-line via zoom or face to face.

Well it would seem that the last 2 years are starting to unlock and we are looking at delivering our training again face to face in Horbury as well as online. We can also deliver the training at your own premises if that is more helpful for your colleagues or clients.

Next accredited Couples course will start in Sept

Looking to extend your knowledge and skill base in couple work, then this extensive 8 day course delivered via zoom is for you.

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Training diary for 2022 has been expanded

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Our new you tube channel

Our new you tube channel can be viewed here with lots of interesting topics discussed and helpful ways to help understand the human dynamics inter play. View it here.

Past colleagues comment

"Excellent delivery from someone who was well experienced in the field, who addressed questions appropriately whilst also encouraging us all in our own capacities”

What are my specialities?

I have a wide range of skills which cover life, personal, executive, business or corporate coaching, personal development, leadership and management training. Providing quality training packages and counselling training courses. Specialising in communication and helping people to connect and understand each other with specific skills such as NLP and CBT approaches. I'm also a relationship specialist offering conflict resolution services helping to mediate office or work situations where resistance to change can be an issue.

I have delivered successful training and programs for WMDC, Leeds City Council, Leeds education services, HM Forces, CFC and numerous other organisations and companies over the last 15 years.

I am adept at taking your concept and turning it into reality. Building bespoke programs taking all your initial outlines, producing a structured plan and then delivering that plan attaining the results you require. Building relationships with Clients, not just delivering one off commissions.

My bespoke services help with individual coaching for Executives, Personal and Business coaching contracts or I can also help with companies who are looking to commission corporate or business coaching for individuals or groups of employees, helping to build leadership roles, group cohesion, communication connections, management delivery programs and training for individuals or groups within the west Yorkshire area. I currently work with a very diverse client base which encompasses Training providers, Educational establishments, Well-being commissioners, the NHS, National Charities, Sales forces and Manufacturing amongst others.

I provide a wide range of specialisms in one single place this is beneficial to your commission as due to the diverse experience and skills I have there is little I could not help you with. For working with bigger teams then other qualified colleagues work with me to deliver the contract. I often lead and establish a project and then Associates take over parts of the contract best suited to their specialisms. This bespoke way of working helps you to be seamlessly supported throughout whether we are providing coaching, training courses or other mentoring services to help your business grow and develop.

IWTC also offers support in regard to health and well being packages for small organisations which allow your colleagues to function and work to the best of their abilities when life is getting tough or the work is stressful and demanding. Please contact Ian to discuss your tailor made needs package.

It costs nothing to talk, you will be amazed at the results I can and have achieved.

Build resilience and team connections

Still homeworking? Living on Teams or Zoom? Could your workforce usefully connect to short sessions on training in order to build resilience and team connections? Will you and your staff be ready to face the challenges that will surely manifest themselves when the world opens up again but they are still perhaps at home some of the days? If so, contact me to see what I can offer your workers to keep them engaged and healthy during this time of great stress.

Would you like to offer your employees assistance for their mental health and well being during these strange times then please contact Ian to discuss our Employee Assistance Package counselling and support package. Our mental health and well being support packages can be found at

Coaching and Training for businesses and executives in West Yorkshire.

I offer long standing experience in providing Executive, Business and Personal Coaching in the Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire area and fully ILM qualified to deliver the services I offer. All the training courses and CPD are accredited and approved by leading organisations.

Recommendation AR Leeds

"We’ve known Ian for a number of years and he has provided us with a variety of professional services tailored to the needs of our business.
These have included leadership coaching for senior and middle managers and group training for team members on aspects of time management and communication skills.
More recently, Ian has facilitated workshops to engage members of staff to help shape and define our Company’s Vision and Values.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian to anyone looking for training to equip them with leadership and communication skills."

Get in touch

See the contact information on the right of the page for connecting with me to meet your individual or business needs to help you perform better now and in the future. IWTC coaches, Counsellors and associates have been selected for their experience, professionalism and specialisms and are all well-established in the Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield area.

All IWTC associates are fully qualified and registered with the appropriate professional bodies and meet the requirements for professional updating, ethics and client satisfaction.

IWTC services include;

  • Life coaching
  • Personal coaching
  • Personal development
  • Executive coaching
  • Corporate coaching
  • Business coaching
  • NLP
  • Management training
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Training Courses

    Professionalism with expertise you can expect.

  • New for 2022

    We are now providing CPD and training in our new offices in Wakefield for companies and Individuals. Our programme will include,
    Individuals or Companies
    Confidence/Self esteem Building
    Understanding others - grow your confidence and learn high quality communications to gain smoother interactions
    Counselling Skills for non-counsellors

    for Management teams
    Management tools
    Restructuring teams and the effect on staff and colleagues

    For Couples/Groups
    Parental Boundary making - know how and when to make boundaries to help grow respectful and appropriately behaved children and teenagers.

    All courses are accredited.

    When thinking about looking for Coaching what should you consider

    We all think that help is something people who are weak or cant cope, Not So. We all need help at sometime or another from someone who has expertise or knowledge which would be helpful, after all if my car stopped working I would take it to a garage, they are the experts and have the knowledge to help get my car back on the road. Well Coaches are like the Mechanic, Mechanics understand why vehicles go wrong Coaches understand why Humans cant make quality choices or decisions.

    On picking your Coach you need to be mindful of what type of Coach you are looking for, a personal Coach or a business Coach, it should be someone you feel comfortable with, they should be approachable answer any questions you may have and give you a brief interview free of charge. Once you have found your preferred Coach then they will not tell you what to do, that is not there job, they will help you to make your choices or decisions with good quality clear tools, to get the thoughts out of your head on to paper to clarify, prioritise, engage and implement those choices and decisions.

    So have a positive view of asking for help, see that request for help as a motivated process of engagement and get that fulfilled life you want.

    Is your business needing an upgrade

    Most businesses get to a point, usually in a seven year cycle, which can then make them dis-organised and unproductive, this is usually focused on the inter-personal aspects of your employees connections rather than the organisations structure itself. Did you know on average it costs three times an employees income to recruit another person for the role. If only you could tweak and help individuals and groups to interact and communicate better, build positive reward programs and make them feel happier in coming to work in the first place then the likely hood is that they would stay with you.

    The old saying happy workers make more productive workers is true. We all generally go to work to earn money to support the lifestyle we choose but if we feel supported and happy in our role we go that extra mile.

    So in looking at your business then you may, by making a small financial investment in an employee review and implementation program, tweak the structures and communicative aspects of your employee's world and also your business in order to make happier more connected people, who then would help each other to achieve greater productivity increasing financial results for your business, benefiting everyone within the company.

    Call Ian today so I can arrange a free face to face meeting to assess your needs, build a bespoke program and to make your next seven years a productive one.

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